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The integration of LearnWise with ServiceNow opens up a streamlined support channel for your institution. With just a few clicks, you can connect LearnWise to your ServiceNow account, providing a seamless exchange of support requests and ticket information between the platforms. This integration enhances the efficiency and quality of the support system, enabling faster response and resolution times.

Additional Information

he LearnWise and ServiceNow integration offers a host of benefits to enhance your support process. With this integration, tickets and cases are automatically created within ServiceNow from conversations and support escalations that occur within the LearnWise chat, eliminating manual input and accelerating the response time. The quality of the tickets is enhanced with key user information that LearnWise collects and pushes to ServiceNow. This data assists agents in solving tickets faster and provides a more personalized support experience. The integration also allows students and teachers to view their active and past support cases from ServiceNow directly within the LearnWise past chats view. This keeps everyone updated with the status of their tickets / cases, fostering a transparent support process. Moreover, custom ServiceNow fields can be mapped to LearnWise fields to ensure that the right user information is collected and utilized. Incoming requests within LearnWise can also be routed to the right tags and help desk portals in ServiceNow, ensuring efficient issue allocation and resolution.








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