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Streamline your educational institution’s support system with the LearnWise and Asana integration. This partnership facilitates a smooth transition of support requests and ticket data between the platforms, all with a few easy clicks. The integration notably enhances the efficiency and quality of your support system, leading to quicker resolution times.

Additional Information

The LearnWise and Asana integration offers a suite of benefits designed to transform your support process. When this integration is in play, tickets and cases are automatically generated within Asana from interactions and escalations occurring within the LearnWise chat. This process removes the need for manual data entry, thereby expediting the response time. The ticket quality sees substantial improvements with critical user information gathered by LearnWise and pushed to Asana. This detailed information aids agents in resolving tickets quickly, offering a more personalized support experience for users. Moreover, this integration allows students and faculty to access their current and past support cases from Asana, right from the LearnWise past chats view. This feature promotes transparency in the support process, keeping everyone abreast of their ticket or case status. Custom fields in Asana can be mapped to LearnWise fields, ensuring the right user information is captured and applied. LearnWise can route incoming requests to the suitable tags and helpdesk portals in Asana, ensuring efficient issue assignment and resolution.








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