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AI Support Assistant
for Students & Educators

Students, educators and faculty members can chat with your customized AI assistant – Aiden – 24/7 to get instant answers on support about student services, internal process and over 400+ EdTech tools. 

Plug&play into your edtech ecosystem learnwise

Plug & Play Intelligence

Instantly answer questions about any EdTech tools in your learning ecosystem. LearnWise is trained on 400+ EdTech tools and services.

Cited Answers

Every AI-Answer given by the assistant is supported by one or multiple linked sources for further reading.

Institution Specific Knowledge

From Financial Aid to Housing – add a link to your website, knowledge base or upload any files to train the assistant on your organizational knowledge.

Not just text

Answers With Videos
& Images

The LearnWise assistant makes full use of video tutorials and supporting images to ensure answers are easy to follow. 

Keep Tabs On Your Support Conversations

Enable faculty and students to easily get updates to ongoing support requests or quickly recall answers from previous conversation. 

Provide 24/7 Support
At the Moment of Need

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Single Source of Truth For Students

Students are increasingly finding themselves having to navigate a complex web of support desks, chatbots, and edtech services. 

Aiden by LearnWise makes finding the right help incredibly simple by providing a single place for all support inquiries – connected directly to multiple help desks. 

Huge Time Saver For Educators

Instructors are expected to utilize and master a massive amount of tools and processes at higher educational institutions. 

With Aiden by LearnWise, educators and faculty members can rely on their own personalized co-pilot to help answer questions at the moment of need.  


What makes Aiden by LearnWise different from conventional chatbots?

Dive into this whitepaper to uncover what sets LearnWise apart from typical B2B chatbots. While many chatbots offer generic solutions, LearnWise is specially crafted for higher education, ensuring it meets the unique needs of students and faculty alike. By emphasizing trustworthy answers, easy integration, and personalized support, LearnWise goes beyond the norm. Discover the defining features that make LearnWise a game-changer in the realm of educational chatbots. Don’t settle for the ordinary; see how LearnWise can elevate your institution’s support system.

Escalate Requests To The Right
Help Desk

Complex questions need support from the right people! With Aiden by LearnWise, students and faculty members can escalate their support requests directly within the conversation and reach the most relevant support desk. 

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