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Escalate Support Cases
To The Most Relevant Desk

Navigating higher ed support shouldn’t be a puzzle. With LearnWise, whether it’s an IT glitch, a Student Services query, or a question specific to the Business Faculty versus the Science Faculty, our Smart Routing ensures it lands on the right desk. We’re breaking down those old-school support barriers, making ticket resolutions faster and integrating smoothly with your ticketing systems.

Send Questions To The Right People

Break through the silos! LearnWise understands the intent behind student and educator questions, ensuring they’re directed to the right help desk every time, without detours.

Multiple Support Options

Offer support flexibility from phone call to live chat to ticketing.

Enrich Cases with Relevant User Data

Add key user data to cases, ensuring faster, tailored solutions by understanding the full context.

Easily Connect Your Ticketing Systems

Sync up without the fuss. With LearnWise, integrating your existing ticketing systems is a breeze, streamlining support and enhancing user experience.

Break The Silo! Send Cases To The Right Teams

Navigating between IT Support and Student Services shouldn’t feel like a maze. By recognizing the user’s intent, our system smartly discerns the nature of the inquiry. Whether it’s a tech glitch or a course-related question, users are presented with tailored contact options, ensuring they connect with the right expert. This not only streamlines the support process but also enhances the overall user experience, making every interaction count.


How Smart Support Routing is Transforming Campuses

This whitepaper delves deep into the complexities of today’s educational landscape, highlighting the pressing need for streamlined, smart routing and triage systems. It underscores how integrating advanced AI systems, intelligent triage, and a unified support ecosystem can dramatically elevate student and faculty experiences. Discover the profound benefits, best practices, and actionable insights for harnessing AI-driven support, ensuring every inquiry finds its rightful expert, and leveraging data-driven insights for continuous improvement. Equip your institution with the tools and strategies to navigate the future of support in higher education.

Manage Multiple Help Desks

Streamline your support by designating specific question types to the appropriate desks. Choose from a range of contact options, including phone and live chat, for each desk. Integrate a unified ticketing system across all desks or customize for individual ones. Plus, set distinct opening hours and monitor agent availability for each help desk, ensuring optimal responsiveness.

Easy Access To Your Support History

No more hopping between tabs or losing track of updates. With our “All messages” view, every interaction is at your fingertips. Whether you’re awaiting a response or revisiting past queries, stay in the loop and engage with support agents seamlessly within a unified interface. It’s continuous support, simplified.


Break free from support silos!