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One Support Experience.
Any Communication Channel.

Unify your student and faculty support services with LearnWise, providing seamless and efficient assistance across all your preferred channels. Streamline queries, reduce response time, and improve user satisfaction while simplifying your support workflow.

Learning Management Systems (LMS / VLE)

Provide instant support to faculty and students in context of their learning experience, directly within Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, Brightspace and more!

Student Portals

Embed LearnWise support into your website or student portal.

On Your Website

Help prospective students and the community find instant answers from your website. 

Social Networks

Engage with your campus community on the platforms they use daily – social networks! Get started with LearnWise on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and beyond. 

Provide 24/7 Support
Across All Channels

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The Omni-Channel Support Revolution in Higher Education

This whitepaper explores the evolving landscape of support services in higher education, making a compelling case for the adoption of omni-channel strategies. It delves into how integrating various communication channels—such as email, social media, chat, and phone—into a unified and seamless support system can significantly enhance student satisfaction and success. Learn about the benefits, best practices, and actionable insights for implementing a future-ready, omni-channel support framework in your institution.


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