LearnWise AI

Azure DevOps


Bring the power of automation to your institutional support system with the LearnWise and Azure DevOps integration. This connection seamlessly translates support requests and ticket information between both platforms, significantly enhancing support system efficiency and quality for accelerated resolution times.

Additional Information

The integration of LearnWise and Azure DevOps offers multiple benefits that boost your support procedures. With this integration active, tickets and cases are instantly generated within Azure DevOps based on interactions and escalations within LearnWise chat. This automated process eliminates the need for manual data input and greatly reduces response times. The quality of tickets is significantly enhanced by key user information that LearnWise collects and subsequently pushes to Azure DevOps. This invaluable data empowers agents to resolve tickets faster and provide a more personalized support experience. Moreover, this integration enables students and teachers to view their ongoing and past support cases from Azure DevOps directly in the LearnWise past chats view. This transparency in the support process ensures all parties are continually updated on their ticket or case status. You can map custom Azure DevOps fields to LearnWise fields, ensuring the right user information is accurately collected and utilized. LearnWise can also direct incoming requests to the appropriate tags and help desk portals in Azure DevOps, securing efficient issue assignment and resolution.








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