LearnWise AI

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Combine the AI-driven strengths of LearnWise with Zoho Desk, a leading customer service software. By tapping into LearnWise’s ability to proactively manage 50% of inquiries, institutions can supercharge their educational and customer support avenues.

Additional Information

Integrating LearnWise and Zoho Desk provides institutions with a seamless blend of AI-powered educational support and customer service excellence. LearnWise’s AI assistant efficiently addresses half of all incoming questions, settling them before they can transition into tickets. Those queries that require further interaction and crystallize into tickets are effortlessly routed into Zoho Desk’s well-organized customer support system. This amalgamation ensures that every ticket, whether related to educational queries or broader customer issues, is appropriately triaged, assigned, and handled. Moreover, the LearnWise interface allows educators, students, and users to actively engage with and oversee these support tickets from within Zoho Desk, crafting a cohesive, transparent, and interactive support landscape.








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