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Addressing Higher Ed Data Challenges with LearnWise

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In a compelling article by Rhea Kelly titled “Why Data Is the Most Important Tool for a Higher Education Leader,” featured on Campus Technology, Jason Simon of the University of North Texas underscores the transformative potential of data in higher education. Simon’s emphasis on the pivotal role of data resonates deeply with our ethos at LearnWise.

While we acknowledge that the data challenges in higher education span beyond just support and feedback, our analysis here zeroes in on these specific areas. We believe that by addressing the intricacies of support and feedback data, institutions can gain valuable insights that contribute to the broader data narrative.

What We'll Delve Into:

  1. Navigating the Complex Landscape of Data Literacy with Qualitative Insights: Highlighting the value of qualitative data in support and feedback.
  2. Centralizing Data for Effective Collaboration: The role of LearnWise in fostering cohesive data management.
  3. Unraveling the Data Landscape with Automated Audits: How LearnWise provides clarity on data assets.
  4. Embracing the Future with Predictive Analytics and AI: The forward-looking capabilities of LearnWise.
  5. Championing Data Conversations to Address Challenges: Aligning with Simon’s call to prioritize data dialogues.

Join us in this exploration as we align the challenges pinpointed by Simon with the solutions LearnWise brings to the table, offering a fresh perspective on harnessing data in higher education.

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Data Literacy

Jason Simon underscored the significance of analytic maturity and data literacy for the future of higher education. In many institutions, while quantitative data is often prioritized, qualitative data is overlooked despite its potential to offer rich insights into student experiences and needs. At LearnWise, we’ve recognized the value of both. Our system processes and analyzes vast amounts of qualitative support data, transforming it into actionable insights presented in our user-friendly dashboard. This approach not only reduces barriers to data literacy but also ensures a comprehensive understanding of student interactions and feedback. Aiden, our AI chatbot, serves as the frontline interface, interacting with end-users like students and capturing this invaluable qualitative data. Together, LearnWise and Aiden ensure that institutions harness the full spectrum of data, leading to more informed and holistic decision-making.

Centralising Data for Effective Collaboration

Simon stressed the need for collaboration and clear leadership in data initiatives. Aiden by LearnWise seamlessly integrates into various communication channels and ticketing systems, ensuring data collection and analysis are centralized. This approach promotes collaboration and streamlines data governance, making it efficient and effective.

Unraveling the Data Landscape with Automated Audits

One of the challenges in higher education is the lack of thorough data audits. LearnWise addresses this by automatically clustering and categorizing support data. This gives institutions a clear view of their data landscape, especially in support communication, enabling them to take actionable steps based on these insights.

Embracing the Future with Predictive Analytics and AI

Simon’s insights on the potential of predictive analytics and AI resonate deeply with our vision at LearnWise. Aiden stands at the forefront of this shift, offering predictive support insights. This allows institutions to anticipate and address the needs of students and instructors proactively, ensuring a responsive and adaptive educational environment.

Championing Data Conversations to Address Challenges

Simon’s call to champion data conversations to tackle higher education challenges aligns with our mission at LearnWise. By providing insights into the support issues faced by students and instructors, we aim to help institutions confront these challenges directly. This proactive approach ensures improved student outcomes and a more robust educational framework.


The transformative power of data in higher education, as highlighted by Jason Simon, cannot be understated. As institutions grapple with the complexities of data literacy, governance, and predictive analytics, solutions like LearnWise offer a beacon of hope. By focusing on the often-overlooked qualitative data from support and feedback channels, we aim to provide institutions with actionable insights that can drive informed decision-making. As we navigate this evolving landscape, the synergy between Simon’s insights and LearnWise’s solutions underscores the potential for a brighter, data-driven future in higher education.

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