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The 24/7 Campus: Why Round the Clock Student Support is More Important Than Ever

No More 9-to-5: Teaching and Learning
has evolved into a 24/7 experience

Teaching and learning are increasingly transcending geographical and temporal barriers, and university campuses have transitioned from conventional 9-5 operations to 24/7 hubs of learning and student support activity. Students are increasingly seeking flexible learning environments that accommodate diverse schedules and learning preferences. As a result, IT departments and student support services are at the forefront of this shift, tasked with ensuring that students have access to resources and support at all hours. In this post, we explore the critical role that Tech Support teams play in the 24/7 university campus model and how it can foster round-the-clock student support.

Seamless, personalized support available 24/7 isn't just an added bonus anymore.

It's an expectation.

Increased focus on supporting the Learning Management System

The bedrock of a 24/7 campus is an accessible and comprehensive virtual learning environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS). Education-focused IT departments and instructional designers focus on maintaining robust Learning Management Systems (LMS) that facilitate course management, content distribution, collaboration, and communication. Integration with third-party tools such as video conferencing and cloud storage enhances the LMS’s functionality, ensuring that students have the tools they need, whenever they need them.

However, maintaining an ever-growing system of courses and content with the rising number of online learners presents new challenges in IT support.

Approaches to Providing Round-the-Clock IT Support

Technical glitches don’t adhere to business hours. To ensure uninterrupted learning, IT departments must provide 24/7 support for students and faculty. This can be achieved through a mix of live support via chat or phone and automated solutions like chatbots and FAQs. Having round-the-clock IT support is critical in building trust and ensuring that technological hiccups don’t hinder learning.

LearnWise AI helps institutions of all sizes provide a tier 0 layer to their IT support ecosystem. Helping students and faculty get instant answers and routing more complex requests to the most relevant person and help desk. 

Continuous Improvement Through Feedback

The 24/7 campus model should be iterative. IT departments need to continuously gather feedback from students and faculty to understand what’s working and what’s not. This feedback loop is essential in making necessary adjustments and ensuring that the IT ecosystem evolves with the needs of its users.

Making use of new AI-powered data analytics enables institution leadership to extract more information from qualitative data that was previously locked in thousands or even millions of support tickets. 

LearnWise AI helps institutions unlock this data automatically by analyzing trends in conversations faculty and students have with the AI assistant – Aiden. 

The 24/7 campus is not just a concept; it’s the new reality for higher education. IT departments play a pivotal role in translating this concept into a functional model that supports students’ diverse needs. Through the development of a virtual learning environment, round-the-clock support, secure remote access, data-driven insights, mobile optimization, collaborative platforms, cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and continuous improvement, IT can effectively catalyze the transition to a 24/7 campus, fostering an enriched and supportive learning environment for all students. 


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