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Why Practical AI Might Be the Most Exciting Thing: LearnWise’s Take

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the focus of much attention and conversation. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the more practical and arguably critical aspects of AI: its ability to streamline and simplify the mundane.

A recent study on ChatGPT’s impact in work settings revealed an impressive outcome: the use of AI led to a 40% decrease in time required for tasks while improving the quality of work by 18%. The secret? AI took over the boring stuff, freeing individuals to focus on tasks of greater importance and interest.

Why Automation?

Automation has always aimed to eliminate monotonous and potentially dangerous tasks. From factory workers to employees in hazardous industries, automation has revolutionized numerous jobs. AI introduces a new dimension to this landscape. It is an adaptable tool, capable of taking on multiple tasks with varying degrees of proficiency. This versatility can enhance our daily lives, as it automates parts of our work that aren’t engaging, freeing us to focus on more exciting and impactful tasks.

Our Solutions | Meet Aiden…

This principle of reducing mundane work is the cornerstone of our mission at LearnWise. Our AI-powered assistant, Aiden, has been trained on over 400 EdTech tools and can be further customized with institution-specific knowledge bases. Aiden is designed to alleviate the workload of faculty, IT support desks, and student services by automating repetitive tasks and addressing common questions.

Whether it’s guiding a student through their financial aid process or helping a professor troubleshoot a virtual classroom setup, Aiden has the solution. Complex issues that need human intervention are efficiently escalated to the appropriate help desk or directly to the EdTech vendor.

We are not just integrating AI into education; we’re using AI to transform the educational experience for faculty and students alike. By automating the repetitive aspects of their work, we’re carving out space for them to focus on the things that truly matter – teaching, learning, and personal and intellectual growth


Our AI, Aiden, is more than just a tool—it’s our dedication to revolutionizing the way we work, making way for a future where administrative tasks no longer consume our valuable time. This is about leveraging the prowess of cutting-edge technology to enrich our lives, stripping away mundane chores and trivial tasks. Our mission is to provide a system that allows everyone to devote their energy to their true passions, to the tasks that really matter, and to focus on the bigger picture.

If you wish to delve deeper or are just curious to hear more, schedule a consultation call to explore the full potential of Aiden. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to a more efficient, AI-driven future.

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