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Enhance your website’s user experience with the integration of LearnWise. With a straightforward installation process, you can bring the power of LearnWise AI assistant to your website or student portal, providing a convenient, single point of entry for support requests and questions. This integration aims to improve user engagement, reduce support requests, and increase overall user satisfaction.

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The LearnWise integration with your website offers numerous benefits. With just one line of code, you can install the LearnWise script on your website in under two minutes. Once installed, the virtual assistant is displayed directly on your website, serving as an immediate resource for your users. The LearnWise AI assistant can answer questions directly on your website or student portal, providing immediate assistance and reducing the number of website support requests. More complex requests can be escalated to the appropriate help desk with custom routing rules, ensuring efficient issue allocation and resolution. Before requests are escalated, LearnWise collects key user data to provide personalized support and help agents resolve issues faster. This integration is particularly beneficial for prospective students, as they can receive instant answers to their enrollment queries, improving the enrollment experience.



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