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The integration of LearnWise with Zendesk provides a seamless support channel tailored for your institution. By linking LearnWise to your Zendesk account with a few simple steps, a flawless relay of support requests and ticket details between the systems is established. This unification notably boosts the effectiveness and excellence of your support system, promoting quicker response and resolution durations.

Additional Information

The synergy between LearnWise and Zendesk is designed to optimize your support operations. With this merged functionality, tickets and cases are auto-generated within Zendesk whenever there are conversations or support escalations in the LearnWise chat. This not only removes the need for manual entries but also quickens the pace at which support issues are addressed. The quality of tickets is further enriched by crucial user details that LearnWise captures and relays to Zendesk. Such information becomes invaluable to agents as they work to resolve tickets more rapidly and render a tailored support experience. This integration also grants students and educators the convenience of viewing both current and past support issues from Zendesk right inside the LearnWise chat history. This visibility ensures that all parties are kept in the loop about ticket or case statuses, promoting a clear and open support journey. Additionally, custom Zendesk fields can be paired with LearnWise attributes to make sure pertinent user details are harvested and put to good use. Incoming queries in LearnWise can be efficiently channeled to the appropriate labels and customer support portals within Zendesk, ensuring proficient problem categorization and settlement.








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