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Enhance your educational experience with the integration of LearnWise and Brightspace LMS. With this integration, you can launch the LearnWise virtual assistant directly within the Brightspace LMS interface through our Javascript or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integration. This allows both students and teachers to chat with the AI directly inside Brightspace, making support more immediate and integrated into their learning environment.

Additional Information

The LearnWise integration with Brightspace LMS is designed to provide a more personalized, relevant, and immediate support experience. Once inside Brightspace, the AI assistant can automatically recognize user identities. By identifying roles such as teacher, student, etc., the assistant can provide support tailored to each user’s needs. Additionally, the integration allows LearnWise AI to access key course information. This enables the AI assistant to answer questions directly related to course content, such as due dates for assignments, syllabus queries, and more, enhancing student engagement and support. In cases where human intervention is required, the AI assistant can escalate the issue from Brightspace to the most relevant IT help desk at your institution, ensuring that every query is handled promptly and effectively.








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