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The synergy of LearnWise and Basecamp integration ensures a fluid, efficient, and high-quality support system for your institution. This seamless integration facilitates automatic exchange of support requests and ticket information between both platforms, ensuring an optimized and effective support workflow.

Additional Information

The integration of LearnWise with Basecamp delivers a multitude of benefits to elevate your support process. With this integration in action, support interactions and escalations within LearnWise chat can trigger automatic creation of tickets and cases within Basecamp, reducing manual entry and speeding up response times. The integration enhances ticket quality with key user information collected by LearnWise and transferred to Basecamp. Armed with this data, support agents can expedite ticket resolution and offer a more individualized support experience. Moreover, this integration empowers students and teachers to track their active and previous support cases from Basecamp, directly within the LearnWise past chats view. This level of transparency ensures everyone is consistently updated on their ticket or case status. Furthermore, custom fields in Basecamp can be mapped to LearnWise fields, facilitating precise collection and utilization of user information. LearnWise can also route incoming requests to the appropriate tags and help desk portals in Basecamp, ensuring a well-organized and efficient support system.








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