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Combining LearnWise with Ironclad offers institutions a state-of-the-art integration, linking top-tier educational support with an efficient ticketing platform. This seamless integration ensures a robust channel for support requests and ticket-related interactions, fostering enhanced responsiveness and issue clarity.

Additional Information

The collaboration between LearnWise and Ironclad unveils a set of functionalities tailored for a seamless support experience. Within this ecosystem, any support-related conversations from the LearnWise environment are directly channeled into tickets within Ironclad, eliminating redundant manual processes and accelerating the support timeline. Each ticket is supplemented with granular user data, sourced from LearnWise, providing essential context and insights for ticket resolution. Further enriching the user experience, learners and educators can access their active and past tickets from Ironclad directly within the LearnWise interface. This integrated view keeps all users abreast of their ticket status, promoting a transparent and efficient support framework. Showcasing its adaptability, the integration enables custom Ironclad ticket fields to align seamlessly with LearnWise data points, ensuring relevant information is always at hand. Inquiries and issues identified within LearnWise are effectively directed to the appropriate categories or queues in Ironclad, ensuring precise ticket categorization and swift resolution.








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