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Integrating LearnWise with Re:Amaze revolutionizes your institution’s support architecture, blending superior educational support with advanced customer service tools. By effortlessly integrating LearnWise into the Re:Amaze ecosystem, an uninterrupted channel is established for support inquiries and customer-centric details. This partnership greatly magnifies the responsiveness and reliability of your support mechanisms, ensuring swifter feedback and effective issue addressing.

Additional Information

The synthesis of LearnWise and Re:Amaze offers an array of features aimed at refining your support landscape. Within this dynamic, any conversations or support elevations from the LearnWise platform are directly transitioned into tickets or chats in Re:Amaze, doing away with repetitive manual entries and boosting the support tempo. Each ticket or chat benefits from the meticulous user metrics that LearnWise assembles and integrates into Re:Amaze. This rich repository of data becomes a cornerstone for support agents, allowing them to address queries more effectively, thereby ensuring a bespoke support experience. Building upon this integration, students and educators can seamlessly peruse their active and past support tickets from Re:Amaze directly within the LearnWise chat archive. This harmonized perspective ensures users are continually updated about their query’s journey, promoting an inclusive and transparent support framework. Illustrating its versatility, the integration makes it possible for custom Re:Amaze fields to correlate with specific LearnWise parameters, ensuring the capture of valuable user insights. Queries introduced within LearnWise are proficiently routed to the apt departments or chat categories in Re:Amaze, securing organized issue logging and rapid resolution.








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